Free Church

St. Ives Free church is one of the oldest non-conformist churches in the country; tracing its history right back to the English Reformation and particularly the 1630s when Oliver Cromwell lived in the town for five years.

The current building dates back to 1864 but was thoroughly modernised in 1980 to provide a church building that not only stands at the heart of the local community but also serves the community in many ways. The Free Church nestles in the heart of St Ives The church worships at 11.00 am every Sunday. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month and on the major Christian festivals.
In addition the ‘porch chapel’ is open daily for private prayer or reflection.

Porch Chapel Prayers take place each morning 10.00-10.15. The church is open daily for a wide range of activites; organised by both Church and Community.

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